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The intelligent combination of different treatments offers solutions for every skin condition and requirement

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The ÈSOR system requires a professional skin analysis to be carried out before each treatment. VISIA is a high-tech device that photographs the current state of the skin and records its changes during the treatment.

The origin of VISIA lies in the highly scientific evaluation and analysis of the results

Thanks to the VISIA system we discover the true needs of the skin and choose the Treatments and Products tailored for you. 



JetPeel™ Pro a one of a kind treatment! Exclusively as the first Institute in Italy we offer this treatment loved all over the world which gives brightness to the skin with the simplest of elements: air and water. JetPeel™ technology cleans pores 100% deep, delivers microdroplets of highly concentrated active ingredients such as vitamins and hyaluronic acid deep into the skin and thus guarantees perfect treatment results without side effects and without downtime.


 The VolumetriQ treatment with Dermwave Pro is the maximum innovation in the radiofrequency beauty market for Anti Aging. It fulfills all the desired attributes and ends all negative aspects of effective RF skin and body treatments! DermWave™ Pro has also been specially designed to increase the permeability of the skin barrier. Active ingredients, creams and serums penetrate the skin better and counteract skin laxity by recreating Volume and Tonicity



Cell growth and regeneration:
Micro-Needling activates the beauty of the skin
Microneedling by ÈSOR is performed with an ultra-modern device and, using microneedles, treats the surface of the skin without stressing it. A targeted application stimulates cell division and strengthens skin resistance over time, for a rosy, smooth appearance with closed pores. Micro-Needling effectively optimizes collagenous tissues in depth. It is ideal for treating lines and wrinkles and for combating loss of elasticity due to ageing.


The microcrystallines perform an intense instrumental peeling that acts in depth and takes care of the skin, effectively freeing it from keratinized cells. The suction system exerts a profound action regenerating the skin from within, freeing it from comedones. The skin can breathe, it can absorb the active ingredients into the deepest layers.



Semi-permanent make-up is a technique which par excellence consists in grafting pigments into the dermis according to various levels based on the type of treatment. Treatments can be tattooed eyebrows, lip contour, eyeliner.

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